Taamba Shop - Ayurvedic Health Benefits from using a copper bottle

How to use your bottle

You can use our copper bottles just like you would use any other water bottle. To reap the most benefit, however, simply fill the water bottle up with drinking water, store overnight and enjoy throughout the day.  

Storing the water overnight for 8-10 hours allows the water to naturally absorb copper from the bottle and kills any microbes that may be present such as E.Coli and Salmonella as studies have shown.

Water stored in a copper vessel absorbs around 177 ppb of copper which is around 0.2mg/L. Although the level of copper leached into your water from storing it overnight in the bottle is well within the World Health Organization recommendations of a daily intake of 2.1mg/L, we do believe in moderation just like everything else in life. Please consult a doctor if you experience any symptoms of copper toxicity.  


care for your copper

This copper bottle tarnishes beautifully with time.

That being said, to clean the bottle and restore its shine do the following:

Create a mixture of a half cut lemon squeezed, 1 tablespoon of salt and 1/2 cup water. Rub this mixture on to the bottle with a cloth or a dish sponge.  Then, rinse with water.

Clean as often as you like... although, you can choose to only clean the inside of the bottle with the mixture mentioned above and allow the outside of the bottle to tarnish over time creating a beautiful patina.

Experiment with the patina or keep it shiny, it's up to you... tag us online @taambashop and let us know how you are showing your taamba bottle!



Frequently asked questions

Course Introduction

The Online Fashion Design Illustration course allows students to learn digital illustration skills. Students learn both technical and creative skills to develop an ability to communicate their design ideas as the first step to designing a fashion collection or a garment. Students will learn illustrating from a base level and do not require any previous background in fashion or drawing. By the end of the course, students will be able to communicate their proposed design ideas using digital illustration skills.

Course Modules

The Online Fashion Design Illustration Course will cover:

  • The basic tools of Adobe Photoshop
  • The fundamental Fashion Anatomy- 8 and 12 head coquis
  • Digital rendering techniques- shadows, drapes, reflections and prints
  • Styling a look
  • Building a collection


Certificate in Fashion Design Illustration by StyleSchool & FAD Dubai. FAD Dubai Certification is approved by Knowledge & Human Development Authority ( KHDA), Govt of Dubai.

Entry Requirements

There is no minimum education requirement, individuals with a commitment and passion for the creative industry are encouraged to register.

How to Enrol

Kindly fill the online enquiry form or the online enrollment form to receive further details on the course, dates, curriculum & fees. On receipt of the same, you will receive a conditional offer letter confirming your seat. Your seat will be confirmed on payment of fees via bank transfer or online through a credit / debit card. Fees will be refunded in full only if the course is cancelled by us due to any unforeseen circumstances.

How is the course delivered ?

The online Fashion Design Illustration course is delivered using exclusive live web sessions by industry tutors. A schedule will be shared with students to attend the live sessions. Students will also recieve course notes & will also have access to recorded tutoring sessions for future reference & use.

Course Duration

Course Duration : 1 month The total duration of the course is 1 month and the course is taught for a total of 30 hours through live video sessions over 15 days of tutoring.


Please fill an enquiry form to receive the fee & course details for this course.

Can I speak to a counsellor for more details?

Yes you can request for a one-one call or web info session with an academic counsellor. Please WhatsApp us on 00971 523672638 or fill the online enquiry to receive a call to support you with further details.

Software / Technical Requirements

Students need access to a laptop or a tablet to be able to learn & practice on the course.

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