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How to use your bottle

How to Use

You can use our copper bottles just like you would use any other water bottle. To reap the most benefit, however, simply fill the water bottle up with drinking water, store overnight and enjoy throughout the day.  

Storing the water overnight for 8-10 hours allows the water to naturally absorb copper from the bottle and kills any microbes that may be present such as E.Coli and Salmonella as studies have shown.

Water stored in a copper vessel absorbs around 177 ppb of copper which is around 0.2mg/L. Although the level of copper leached into your water from storing it overnight in the bottle is well within the World Health Organization recommendations of a daily intake of 2.1mg/L, we do believe in moderation just like everything else in life. You can rotate out the use of your copper bottle with another bottle every few months.


Although unlikely, please consult a doctor if you experience any symptoms of copper toxicity. 

Note that this bottle is not meant for use with hot or acidic liquids.

Copper Care

Copper Care

This copper bottle develops a patina and tarnishes beautifully with time.

That being said, to clean the bottle and restore its shine do the following:

Create a mixture of lemon juice, table salt and water. Rub this mixture on to the bottle with a cloth, a soft dish sponge or the lemon half.  Then, rinse with water and pat dry.



Clean as often as you like... although, you can choose to only clean the inside of the bottle with the mixture mentioned above and allow the outside of the bottle to tarnish over time creating a beautiful patina.

Experiment with the patina or keep it shiny, it's up to you... tag us on instagram @taambashop and let us know how you are showing your taamba bottle!

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