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That's me, Aishwarya, in the photo you see above!

And this is the story of how and why I started taamba (तांबा), which means 'copper' in hindi, my mother tongue.

I received a beautifully crafted copper bottle as a favour at my cousin’s wedding. I researched everything about it and the more I learned, the more I fell in love with this metal. 

Growing up, I have been heavily influenced by Ayurveda and other natural practices in India that focus on harmony between your mind, your body and the environment. From drinking out of clay cups, using turmeric in everything, to washing my hair with soap nuts (shikakai), using fuller's earth as a face mask, dripping with oil for moisturization, and doing breathing excercises in the morning (pranayam).


These copper water bottles are a way for me to promote awareness about healing through nature as well as healing nature by reducing waste. 

The symbol for the Taamba brand represents the 'Earth' in Alchemy - reminding us to go back to the basics, and to take responsibility for the Earth like the abundance it provides for us.



Welcome to the taamba family!

taamba poppins light.png
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